louder, harder, faster – Welcome to 7hard! 

Our highly regarded rock and metal label was founded in 2008. Meanwhile it is the biggest branch of the 7us-Labelfamily. 

7hard embraces great acts such as SILVER HORSES (with Black Sabbath'sTony Martin), COAL & CRAYONREACH US ENDORPHINE, NORMAHL (German Punk Rock Legend), EMPIRES OF EDEN (Australian all star metal project), KEE MARCELLO (Ex."Europe")WINTERLAND (No. 1 in Amazon-Charts), CRYSTAL TEARS (feat. Ian Parry), PSYCHO CHOKE (Metalcore feat. Gus G.), FIREFORCE (No.1 Heavy Metal Belgium), MINDEAD, 7 WEEKS (Modern Rock Metal), The great Progrock - Acts ÜNLÜCUEROCK, EDGE OF FOREVER (feat.Ian Paice, Glenn Hughes, Carmine Appice, Robin Beck, Axe, Ken Hensley, U.D.O.), LOXODROME (Alternative Metal), TIMESWORD (Members of SECRET SPHERE, Steve Vai etc), CTA (feat.Ex-Chicago-Drummer Danny Seraphine, Keith Emerson, etc). In our Catalogue we offer Acts like ZAR fet. John Lawton.

In 2009 the label expanded with a worlwide distribution network (NMD, Edel, Cargo , K-Tel). Our main objective is to develop new and bright artists - in every genre of the Metalbiz, from Rock to Metalcore, from Deathmetal to AOR.  

So don´t hesitate to send us your stuff. We´re proud to offer you a very strong network in promotion, distribution and strategic marketing. 

7us media group GmbH
c/o 7hard
Alfred-Kärcher-Str. 10
D - 71364 Winnenden

E-Mail: artists (at) sevenus.de